About Us

Who are we?
We are a non-profitable organisation ran by a group of student volunteers from the University of Sheffield. 

Our aim is to teach young people about healthy living and to remove some of the fears they may have about visiting the doctors.

What we do?
We run fun and interactive events aimed at children between the age 3-8 years old. We hope to reduce the anxiety that young children may feel when seeing doctors or other health professionals, or going to the hospital.We also encourage healthy eating, exercise and dental hygiene!

Our big annual event takes place every February - all for free! We also run smaller events for primary schools and other children's groups. Contact us to find out more!

How can you get involved?
1. Visit our 'Contact Us' page to find out more about organising your first session with us! It's all free!

2. Visit our 'Volunteer' page to find out more about how you can join our team of volunteers.

3. Come along to our FREE annual main event! All you need is a Teddy... (but don't worry, we have some Teddies who would love to go around the event with you if you forget yours).


Annual Charity

Every year we raise money to support a local charity. Here are some of the amazing charities we have partnered with over the last few years.

The 2019/20 charity is Sparkle Sheffield, who exist to help families with autistic children by providing parental support, education about this complex condition and copy strategies to deal with the challenging behaviour that autism often presents.

The 2018/19 charity was Haventhe only organisation in Sheffield existing solely to support children affected by domestic abuse.

The 2017/18 charity was Treetop House, an organisation providing accommodation for parents of children who are unwell in the Children's Hospital so they can be nearby. 

The 2016/17 charity was Issabelle's Appeal, a charity set up in remembrance of Issabelle, who was a little girl who lost her 3 year battle with Neuroblasoma (an agressive childhood cancer) when she was 7 years old. The charity's aim is to try to grant wishes for children with cancer and their families and make some special memories.

The 2015/16 charity was Theo's Burns Club an organisation which provides opportunities for children who have been injured by a burn to attend social and therapeutic events to help them to come to terms with their painful injuries and treatment.

Our 2014/15 Charity was ACCT (Asperger's children and carers together) and we raised nearly £300! Thanks to the fundraising team for all their hard work.

Child Safeguarding
  • All volunteers working at the event will be student doctors, dentists or orthoptists.
  • They will all be registered with Sheffield Volunteering, which enforces strict child safeguarding policies.
  • We hope you have a great time visiting Teddy Bear Hospital, but if you ever have any concerns, speak to a volunteer on the day, or contact us by email.