Info for Schools

As well as our many events in the community, the Teddy Bear Hospital also aims to work with local primary schools!

Here we seek to provide education on healthcare, exercise, healthy eating and dental hygiene. This is all delivered in a fun and age-appropriate way and is an ideal addition to any ‘healthy living’ modules a school may have.

Similar to our other events, the children would bring a Teddy with them to our workshop, ideally set up in a school hall or similar space, and would work around the different stations filling in a ‘teddy bear passport’ of activities including:

  • MRI / X-ray machines- scan teddy to see his/her insides

  • Bandage station- apply bandages to teddy to fix him/her

  • Anatomy station- BASIC anatomy station i.e. identifying the major organs of the body.

  • Health Living station- Looking at food groups and what’s good for you.

  • Listening to teddy bears heart with a stethoscope, as well as their own before and after exercise to see the difference.

In total we have around 10-12 stations- depending on the size group we are working with. Our events are overseen by trained volunteers, all of whom are medical students at Sheffield University, and are registered with Sheffield Volunteering which enforces strict safeguarding rules. 

These stations are all aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, whilst simultaneously reducing worries or fears about going to see the Doctor, Nurse, Dentist etc.

If you think that your school could benefit with a visit from the Teddy Bear Hospital, or simply to find out more, please contact us via the email in the contacts section, or contact our Schools representatives directly: