Info for Volunteers

Information for All Volunteers

Are you a student at the University of Sheffield?
We'd love for you to join our team of volunteers!

Here's how you can get involved...
  • Sign up to Sheffield Volunteering and join us as a volunteer at our annual main event or any of our smaller school events throughout the year.
  • Join our fundraising sub-committee.
If you would like more information about how to get involved then Click Here or send us an email at!

Did you know!
Helping at Teddy Bear Hospital will count for your HEAR award!

Meet the Committee 20/21

President: Sarah Coleman and Charlotte Lee

Secretary: Rahul Ravi

Treasurer: Radhika Tandon

Publicity: Eloise Marsland

Inclusions Officer/ Social Rep: Rachel Jones

Schools & Events Coordinators: Prathi Prasad and Summa Ahmed

Volunteers Coordinators: Dan Camfield and Marcin Kowalcyzk

Resource Rep: Nick Dawson 

Fundraising Coordinators: Emma Partington and Georgia Pearson